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Speak English / Cantonese / Mandarin  Fluently in a Quarter of the time? 

- JP Morgan
- 3M
- Walmart

Hi! My name is Jonie. I have been teaching Languages for 12 years.  I provide the most effective way of   Learning English/Mandarin/Cantonese, with a tested method which has been used since 1960 in the UK.  You only need a quarter of study time. It's simple, no homework, no pressure and no age limit.  
“Can I speak English/Mandarin/Cantonese fluently in a quarter of the time?”
“Yes, of course.”   
My students are from American banks and companies. As well as many Hong Kong students. As a working professional or a student in Hong Kong, your schedule rapidly changes with business demands or study schedules, and you definitely don’t have the time and energy to spare for homework. That is why you need a language coach. Rather than following a rigid curriculum, I offer easy, practical, and entertaining classes in English. These classes are tailored to your situation and skill level, and you will see immediately usable results.   Master your language skills first, and then you can take DSE/IELTS/TOEFL/HSK/GAPSK Exams successfully with amazing results.

Best wishes, 

Now Special Offers

[I] Trial Lessons

a) [Face to Face] HKD 800.00 for 2 hours One on One (1 lesson)  (Original fees: HKD 900.00)

b) [Face to Face] HKD 600.00 for 1.5 hours One on One (1 lesson) (Original fees: HKD675.00)


c) [Virtual Lessons] HKD230 for 1 hour One on One (1 lesson) (Original fees: HKD360.00)

[II] Course Fees 

1) [Face to Face] HKD 12,750.00 for 30 hours One on One(Original fees: HKD 13,500.00)
  1a. 2 hours x 15 lessons, or 1b. 1.5 hours x 20 lessons

2) [Face to Face] HKD 20,000.00 for 50 hours One on One (25 lessons)  (Original fees: HKD 22,500.00)
  2a. 2 hours x 25 lessons, or 2b. 1.5 hours x 33 lessons

3) [Virtual Lessons] HKD 2,400 for 10 hours One on One (Orginal fees: HKD3,600.00)

[III] Corporate Group training Fees

Pleased to propose plans for corporate training consideration. 



想只用 1 / 4 的學習時間, 說一口流利的 英語 / 廣東話 / 普通話  嗎?

- JP Morgan
- 3M
- Walmart

嗨!我叫Jonie。我教語言已有12年了。我提供一種最有效的學習英語/普通話/廣東話的方法,這是經過測試的方法, 並且從1960年開始就在英國使用。您只需要用四分之一的時間學習。這很簡單,沒有作業,沒有壓力,沒有年齡限制。
我的學生來自美國的銀行和公司。以及許多香港學生。作為在香港工作的專業人士或學生,您的日程安排會隨著業務需求或學習日程的變化而迅速變化,並且您絕對沒有時間和精力來做家庭作業。這就是為什麼您需要一名語言教練。我沒有遵循嚴格的課程,而是提供簡單,實用和有趣的英語課程。這些課程是根據您的情況和技能水平定制的,您將立即看到可用的結果。首先掌握您的語言技能,然後您可以成功參加DSE / IELTS / TOEFL / HSK / GAPSK考試,並取得驚人的成績。




a) [上門課堂] 港幣 800.00 2小時一對一(1課)(原費用:港幣 900.00)

b) [上門課堂] 港幣 600.00 1.5小時一對一(1課)(原費用:港幣 675.00)
, 或 
c) [網上課堂] 港幣 230.00 1小時 一對一(1課)(原費用:港幣 360.00)


1) [上門課堂] 港幣12,750.00 30小時一對一(原費用:港幣 13,500.00)
  1a. 2小時x15課, 或 1b) 1.5小時x20課

2) [上門課堂] 港幣20,000.00 50小時一對一(原費用:港幣 22,500.00)
  2a. 2小時x25課, 或 2b) 1.5小時x33課

3) [網上課堂] 港幣 2,300.00 10小時 一對一(1課)(原費用:港幣 3,600.00)





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